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Enjoying Meals Time Together

Learning to share and enjoy meals together from a young age has shown to provide many positive benefits that carry through to adulthood and is often a ritual that we appreciate and enjoy more as we get older. It is no surprise, therefore, that meal times are very important; we understand that healthy eating and nutrition during the early years is critical to child development. Having fresh meals cooked for our children each day was something which we felt strongly about when developing our nursery. 

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Our Menu

Breakfast 8:00AM - 8:45AM

A light breakfast with a choice of cereals and toast banana and raisins Children will be encouraged to serve themselves with as much support as they need. Your child will enjoy a community snack time mid-way through each morning and afternoon session, encouraging children to listen and chat to each other and develop social skills. Snack will consist of healthy food including fruit, crackers and a drink of milk. Babies will follow their home routines wherever possible. Older children will be encouraged to be involved in preparing and serving snack in their room, which will support independence and self-help skills along with a sense of belonging.

Lunch 11:45AM

Consists of a main dish, a side dish of vegetables, a yoghurt and drink. Play stops for a tasty and nutritious home cooked lunch cooked in our own nursery kitchen by our chef. Nursery lunches follow a healthy balanced 2 week rolling menu, which will be reviewed and updated regularly by our chef, who understands the nutritional needs of young children.​

TEA 3:30PM

Consists of soups and breads, beans on toast, sandwiches or similar healthy option. Each day we offer choices of fresh fruit and vegetables. Individual dietary and cultural requirements will be catered for wherever possible and will be discussed and reviewed with parents regularly. Please do come and talk to us if you have any specific dietary requests or questions.​